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Welcome to the new website for the Literacy for Life Conference! With our new, blog-style website, we hope to provide up-to-date information as the conference approaches, and hopefully make some new connections with our sponsors, speakers, presenters, teachers, and students.

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Leading up to and during the conference, use the new Twitter hashtag #Literacy4Life to discuss the events. There is even a new Twitter Feed on the right-hand side of our website!

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Illiteracy is like a disease. It prevents people from understanding posted signs and literature, menus at a restaurant, or even reading a book to a child. Illiteracy also adds to the unemployment and economical issues. Family literacy programs have been developing and utilizing literary skills to improve both adult and children’s reading capabilities since the early 1990s.

There are an abundance of literacy programs families can develop and use at home, from bedtime story time to singing, writing or playing word games. These can become a part of day to day tasks, such as recipes, shopping lists or even with word games online. There are also a variety of interesting and entertaining literary sites families and friends can enjoy together.

Research conducted with over 2000 families with the National Center for Family Literacy, has shown families attending literacy programs via literacy intervention are capable of lowering participants’ public assistance from 11% to 67%. There has been an estimation by researchers of early intervention illiteracy programs that determined around $7.16 to the public for each dollar invested, over the lifetime of participants has returned (Schweinhart et al., 1993).

Children that develop in sociable and literacy programs tend to have higher levels of literacy skills and knowledge then those who are more sheltered. High school graduates tend to have a 74% stronger literary skill then a non graduate. Simple reading or writing tasks can be completed by the remaining 26% and those who drop out’s literacy skills can be even lower.

It is no secret, increased literacy within parents can actually help to make children more prepared for school. How? By providing more literature activities in the home, such as reading and story time, we can create a lifelong love of reading and literature. At the same time, a love of some things literary can increase confidence, ideas, intelligence and occasionally enrich a family relationship.

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