Friday, November 28th, 2014

About Us

When most people think about being literate, reading and writing, such as in school comes to mind. However, as we grow into adulthood, we learn it means much more then picking up a book for a report. A big part of everyday life includes balancing a checkbook, filling out applications or documents, communicating with others by both writing and talking and using computers, just to mention a few.

We have to think beyond just reading and writing, realizing that literature is our introduction into life. Therefore, we want our children to receive the best introduction possible, to the beginning of the rest of their lives, by providing the building blocks of literary education. We encourage communal literary gatherings in community centers, libraries or even school gymnasiums, with sessions for all ages from babies to senior citizens.

Encouraging literary gatherings and learning for all ages is just the beginning of what we try to encourage. We also take into consideration that English is not always the first language of our participants, and encourage additional tutoring and community workshops to welcome literary diversity.